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Favorable current climate attracts Brits back to overseas investments.

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The second most favourite spot in the Mediterranean for holiday destinations.
Unique cultural flavour and a huge potential for economical growth.
Italian tourism industry raising up over 10% GDP.
Great bargains and secured return.
Cheap Eurozone mortgages.
Strong pound sterling.
A solution for the UK new-found pension scheme freedom.
1 hour flight away.
Exotic holiday & legitimated escapism.
Good weather.
Scenic landscape, enchanting countryside, gorgeous cities.
Preserved cultural heritage.
Trendy fashion and shopping experience.


It’s indeed a consolidate aspiration and dream to escape from UK weather and head to sunnier climes. In summer 2015 estate agents noted an increasing number of British families on the hunt for properties in Europe – a trend backed up by a recent survey suggesting that 35% of Brits still dream of owning a second home abroad.

If you landed here possibly you already matured your answer to that, and undoubtedly we are here as well because we believe in the same potentialities of investing in Italy.

You can find many statistics and surveys out there to confirm that Italy is moving up to the second rank within the top 5 hot spots where to look at for a second home in Europe.

There are many reasons behind this, but the most valid one is indeed the opportunity to find many good money-for-value bargains, real occasions at low prices and good-to-high rentability.

For many second-home owners, the dream of a place in the sun turned sour during the global economic downturn when the Eurozone was crippled by economic woes.

Traditional holiday-home markets, such as Spain, France and Italy, struggled with unemployment and financial and political instability while UK buyers tightened their purse strings.

These markets all but dried up, with an 80 per cent decline in the number of buyers in the last eight years.

Now, however, that gloomy situation is changing. A buoyant housing market and stronger pound, combined with stagnant prices and cheap mortgages in the Eurozone, is fuelling a resurgence in Britons buying overseas property with agents and mortgage providers reporting a steep increase in inquiries.

If managed properly, such a property can provide rental income as well as a base for regular holidays.


Those who wish to invest without buying outright can look at buying part shares in foreign property. Alternatively, we can provide advice for a rent-to-buy scheme tailored made upon your budget and time. This offers the advantage to evaluate in the span of 3 to 5 years before completion, the future business that your property can generate and beside provides a very interesting fiscal advantage if you can operate through an Italian company you set up ad-hoc.

Second home in the sun could once again be looking like a good long-term prospect for the savvy investor working on future proofing their finances.

Investing in property is now an international game, as Britons look to spread their wings overseas.

Most Britons buy second homes for their holiday or retirement but growing numbers are treating it as a pure investment, tempted by developments promising guaranteed annual yields of 4% to 7%.

There is likely to be a fresh surge in Britons buying abroad as the over-55s take advantage of their new-found pension freedom.

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