3 houses holiday cottage complex completed in 2014: 1 detached house, 2 link-detached connected by the verandas and 14 hectares attached farmland [vineyard, olive grove, woods, orchard].

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The cottages are already rented as a B&B, so you can manage a viewing and a stay to comfortably think before to buy it.


3 houses holiday cottage complex:

– 1 detached house [A], the biggest one and with unobstructed views towards the hills farmland and vineyards panorama. This house has got also a basement floor with a wide extra room ideal as a second living space,completed with plumbing and finishing, and with anex storage room;

– 2 two twin houses [B & C], identical and completely independent of each other, one with a wider garden and better views.

Each house has got a ground floor and loft and it is provided with:

 open floor reception & kitchen

 1 single bedroom

 1 double bedroom

 1 bathroom with shower box and fixtures in place

 1 loft with two large windows and an ample headroom to make it perfectly suitable for a double/triple room, plumbing and almost completed, just needs laying the finishing on the floor. A spiral staircase goes up from the reception area to the loft; it’s already installed in the detached house and to be placed in the twin houses.

 private garden

 double carport located in the grounds at the entrance of the plot

 separate cubicle storages located in the grounds

 large veranda with rustic stones on the floor and external walls

All three villas are ready to move into, and needs only furniture including kitchen.


On the North, a fence borders the house B garden from a local family property and house. On the West side, off house C, there is a warehouse used by the farmland management.

The three house are located at the entrance of the farmland which extends up to the hill North-West.


The 3 key selling points:

 location

 construction quality

 affordable price and multiple options deal



#Beaches, islands, hilly countryside, ancient towns.

Perfectly located in the hilly countryside of the ‘Maremma’, the Southern Tuscany region, one of the much sought after holiday destination in Italy.

Just 10 miles from the sandy beaches along the coast, the cliffy Tuscany archipelago [Giglio, Montecristo, Pianosa and Elba Islands] and the Argentario WWF natural reserve on the coast with its golf resort & SPA, horse riding renting centre and diving school.

Surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and close to old medieval towns with spectacular cultural heritage and excellent culinary traditions [Pittigliano, Sovana and Sorano].


New construction completed in 2014, still with the builder’s guarantee and finished to a high standard according to all current building regulations and legal requirements:

 solid 18” external clay blocks walling system with insulating panel

 internal partitions in lightweight clay blocks

 internal and external lime finishing

 terracotta tiled floors [‘cotto toscano’]

 solid wood frame of doors and windows

 double glazing windows

 Supplementary solar water heating (SWH)

 satellite antennas

 current Electrical Safety Certificates (EICR) and “B energy class” with Attestato di Certificazione Energetica (ACE=EPC Energy Performance Certificate)



Open options are to buy just the houses, just the farmland, or both together.


Three houses [A+B+C]: € 900.000,00 [mortgages are available]

 Indoor area sq. m. 345 = sq. ft. 3.714 = 9 beds minimum at the ground floor, up to 18 including the loft

 Outdoor area sq. m. 2.175 = sq. ft. 23.412 [including private gardens, communal areas, paths, storages and carports ]

The three houses work perfectly as a B&B, and they have been used as such since 2015. A local company, run by the next door neighbour, is in charge for the management and the general maintenance of the place.

There is not record yet in terms of revenue to determine a precise evaluation of the business ROI, but an educate estimation on the bases of the local market trends can be provided.


14 hectares Farmland € 1.264.000,00

 3 ha of olive grove, 1350 trees 8 years old, IGP Tuscan extra virgin olive oil

 7.35 ha of 8 years old vineyard that produces 15% Morellino di Scansano DOCG and 85% Red Toscany DOC

 3.75 ha of woods, orchard and uncultivated land as well as roads for access to olive grove and vineyard

 250 sq.m. recently built farmland warehouse-storage

 the rights to extract water from the ground with artesian well for irrigation purposes only; the single active authorization in neighbouring area.

The actual farming company [also owner of the land] has been rated with top scores for soil quality, solar exposition and production methodology.

Eight years old, vineyard and olive grove, just now started to go into full production. Wine and olive oil have both controlled and guaranteed designation of origin [IGC and DOCG] and they can be traded into the market in association with a local consortium.

A precise estimation of business ROI can be provided.
  RENT to BUY     option available! Explore more!

  STAY&BUY    option available!
The cottages are already rented as a B&B, so you can manage a viewing and a stay to comfortably think before to buy it.